We have different types and options of our biodigester toilet technology based on customer’s preferences, needs and status to enhance affordability and access. We are flexible on our approach to satisfy you as our valued client: the following are some of them.  



(WASHKing Standalone)

This is our complete toilet made up of both privy (room) and biodigester (Royal-demikett). The privy either sits directly on or beside the biodigester.


It comes as a:

  • Single Standalone (single standing toilet unit) ideal for households and/or houses, and

  • Multiple Standalone (multiple-standing toilet units) good for institutions (e.g., schools, churches and hospitals), communities and compounds.

Even More Services


We agree with landlords/landladies to build and allow households to use the facility whereby they pay user fees and eventually own the facility. With as low as 60 Ghana pesewas you can own (T&Cs apply) and have convenience of decent toilet right in your home.


Being a unique, smart toilet delivery service our PAYUloo helps access to good sanitation at a price that, especially, those at bottom of the pyramid (BoP) can afford. It empowers: (a) millions of people mainly BoP customers to have continuous access and convenience of high-quality toilets on a basis of pay-as-you-go (PAYG), (b) entrepreneurs to own sustainable toilet businesses and earn extra income, and (3) funding organisations to sustainably revolve and fund sanitation projects continuously.


Good for:

  • Homes

  • Institutions (e.g., schools, hospitals, churches, etc.)

  • Public places (e.g., lorry packs, markets, event centres, etc.)

Toilet Franchise

We give license to young people to own our technology using our proprietary knowledge, processes and trademarks. We stay with them with necessary capacity building and support to ensure they succeed.  


We collect manure in the digester as it accumulated over time for agriculture and/or landscaping. Besides, we aim to recover nutrient-rich effluent being produced by the biodigester for related important onward usage.